Kids and their pet best friends

Hey there!

I am a children’s portrait photographer located in Nevada City, CA. I am supper passionate about taking emotion filled, vibrant photos of kids and families.

I started out this summer with a goal. To create a unified project of kids with their favorite pet or animal, their “best friend” I wanted to show the innocence and connection between children and their animals. To start I did a modeling call on Facebook with tons of responses. most people had a little girl and a dog they wanted photographed and I quickly had to put a cap on that. I started to stretch my search for kids with animals that were perhaps outside of the norm for “bestie” status.

While doing these shoots I was amazed to find that the goats or pigs often were the better behaved animals of all I had been working with. I am going to share some of the collection with you guys. Here’s a big shout-out to the Nevada County 4-H these kiddos put in so much hard work with their animals and the results are so obvious in these photos. I hope you guys are able to see the connection and appreciate this series the way I did creating them! They show their animals at the Nevada County Fair every year. If you want more information on working with me please check out my page at Nevada County Family Portraits. I am a Grass Valley and Nevada City-based family portrait photographer. I focus mainly on maternity photos, family portraits, children’s photography, and senior portraits.