Top Places to Shop for Your Maternity Photo Shoot

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Preparing for a maternity photoshoot is an exciting time, and choosing the right outfits can enhance the beauty of the experience. Kendra Evans Photography specializes in capturing the essence of this special moment, so selecting the perfect attire is crucial. I recommend having at least three outfit options, and while I do offer some client closet options, I recommend bringing some options of your own as well. Here are some of the Top Places to Shop for Your Maternity Photo Shoot with Kendra Evans Photography

Lets face it! Nevada City is a little off the beaten path. Our adorable little Historic City is the perfect place to come for a weekend visit, but not the best place to shop for maternity clothes. The list I put together is all available online. If you have ideas to add to this list I would love to hear your comments at the bottom of the page!

Top outfits to consider

  • Jeans and crop top. This is a super classic look and goes nicely with a black background or a white background. Jeans that don’t zip up anymore are perfect for this! Choose a white or black crop top to pair with your jeans. Long-sleeved turtle neck crop tops are especially sophisticated.
Black and White maternity studio photography Kendra Evans Greater Sacramento Area, Nevada City, CA
  • Gown or dress. This can be anything from a super sexy snug pencil dress to a flowy skirt and a matching wrap crop top. If you look online for a tulle maternity gown or robe this will bring up lots of options! Etsy has so many amazing options for maternity gowns but one of my absolute favorites is Skaira Maternity
  • Accessories!! Often times I will have you posing in nothing but your accessories!! a lovely set of bangles or gobs of layered chain necklaces! You could find a mesh dress with gemstones on it that’s totally sheer. I will make sure to pose you in a classy way so the bits don’t show! This is totally the time to splurge on something amazing like these shoulder chains from Giva My Jewlry on Etsy or something similar! A few other fun ideas are a sports coat with sexy panties, solid color body suits or even a bathing suit.
Accssories for maternity studio photography Kendra Evans Greater Sacramento Area, Nevada City, CA

Here are the top five places to shop for your maternity photoshoot session with Kendra Evans Photography:

  1. Skaira Maternity: SkairaMaternity offers a stylish and diverse range of maternity wear, catering to various preferences and body types. From gorgeous dresses to classy and fashionable casual wear, ASOS Maternity ensures that expecting mothers can find the perfect ensemble that complements their personal style.
  2. Reclamation: This is hands down one of the most popular options for maternity photoshoots. For both outdoor sessions and studio. These gowns are handmade and one of a kind. They have even been worn by celebrities! Definitely take a look at her site and browse what she has for your maternity photoshoot.
  3. Seraphine: Seraphine is a popular choice among celebrities and fashion-forward moms-to-be. Known for its sophisticated and timeless maternity fashion, Seraphine offers a range of dresses, tops, and bottoms that are both flattering and comfortable. This is a good place to shop for leggings, body suits, pencil dresses and anything more along the line of sophisticated chic. The brand’s commitment to quality and style makes it a great option for a maternity photoshoot with Kendra Evans Photography.
  4. Poshmark: This is the most amazing online second-hand store!! Most of us will only ever wear our maternity photoshoot gown one time, so where better to shop for a stunning gown at a discount than an online second-hand store! Poshmark has tons of once-worn gowns and accessories for your shoot. hop on over and see what you can find!
  5. Amazon: Yep! Amazon has a ton of options for maternity gowns. Including tulle robes, gowns, bodysuits, and of course jewelry! You can find just about anything here and one tip I love to use is to find a brand you love, and then search for a knockoff brand on Amazon. Sometimes the quality is not as good so make sure to read reviews. I have had some good luck here though!
Chiffon draped maternity studio photography Kendra Evans Greater Sacramento Area, Nevada City, CA

When shopping for your maternity photoshoot, consider the style and theme you envision. Make a Pinterest board of the styles you love and then choose 3-4 to shop for. And of course don’t limit yourself to my top five! Go crazy shopping for fun exciting and classy items that will make you feel incredible! Keep in mind you can always resell them after your shoot on Poshmark! Sometimes I will even buy them from you to add to my client closet!

I am also slowly accumulating these lovely chiffons and silks to drape you in! You can browse my portfolio Kendra Evans Maternity portfolio for some more outfit ideas too!

I hope this guide is helpful for you when you are choosing your outfits! I can’t wait to make amazing photos that will capture this special moment in your motherhood journey.

My name is Kendra Evans and I am a Maternity and Motherhood photographer based in Nevada City, CA in the Greater Sacramento Area. I devote a full day to each photo session so you will never feel rushed! I want to make this the most amazing experience for you possible. Hop on over to my website to take a look at some of my work or reach out to me to schedule a consultation.

Black and White maternity studio photography Kendra Evans Greater Sacramento Area, Nevada City, CA